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Memorials of those who lived and died

Headstones etched with varied dates and names

People just like us who lived their lives

Whom still remain a part of us today

Humanity’s resting place of those gone before

Ahead into eternity – we shall follow

Reminders of a truth we can’t ignore

A foreign passage we must one day swallow

To walk along the headstones and inspect them

Midst markers full of those I didn’t know

For me a sense of kinship and connection

While my heart fills with reverent overflow

Graveyards; not a place of fear or anguish

Just reminders of our fellowmen who passed

To think that one day sadness will be vanquished

What joyous thought – for such to come to pass

Susie M. Arviso




28 responses

  1. Wow! Hoe netjies en hoe rustig, baie oorspronklik!

  2. Ek loop jou ook oral raak! Dis gaaf so. Ek is ook ‘n oudlitnet-blogger, maar verkies om anoniem te bly.

  3. Jis maar jy raak nou erg diep..maar soms is dit seker goed om die goed net weer mooi te bekyk.

  4. hallo daar tina….

    was jy miskien ‘n pers blommetjie in ‘n ander blogland??????

  5. I have nominated you for the Super sweet blogging award

  6. Aangrypende woorde, en pragtige foto.

  7. Carol Redelinghuys

    Aangrypend mooi ! XXX

  8. Very moving poem…and the photo is a perfect match! I’m following your blog now…hope you’ll come and visit mine:

  9. Dis neerdrukkend! Waar is dit?

  10. Yeah Lots of people down there ,Thanks for sharing your great idea my friend 🙂

  11. Beautiful post.

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