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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple


Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

the color purple

a friend of mine is obsessed with purple
she says it’s a royal color
fits for kings and queens
and she feels like a princess
on her purple hair
her purple dress
and purple bra and
purple shoes
the walls of her house are painted
the railings of the stairs
the windows
the doors are all purple now
the flowers in her garden
and the leaves of her trees
the grass
all purple too
her speech is purple too
the movies she watch are all in the shade of purple
her car turned purple too
royal color that is what she says

i tell her bluntly, ‘ You are boring, purple! ‘


11 responses

  1. pragtige foto’s.

  2. Ek hou van pers.
    Die waterlelie is pragtig

  3. what sweet little girl 🙂

  4. The first picture is so cute!

  5. Pragtige pers bydrae. Nog besig om my perse uit te sorteer

  6. Kyk dan so ‘n pop op die eerste foto ! Sy is te pragtig! Ek hou van jou pers waterlelie ook ! XX

  7. Love your purple post. My mom wears a lot of purple, and looks so good in it. 😉

  8. Lovely purple images… thank you…

  9. Mooi fotos!!! Daardie eerste een…. die oulikste klein mensie!!

  10. Love your words on the color purple. The photo choices are great for the challenge.


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