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Story Challenge: Letter “C”

Story Challenge: Letter C -Children

I have been a teacher for many years so all my life has been filled with children.

Give Love To The Children

Give Love to the children Children need love everyday
Give love to the children Guide them on their way
Love’s like a burning flame consumes all that stands in the way

Love is the only power on earth to take all the hatred away
GIVE LOVE TO THE CHILDREN set the children free
To make their own decisions then they will clearly see
Love is the sun the moon and the stars love is a golden ring

Love is the one thing the whole world desires be it beggar or king
GIVE LOVE TO THE CHILDREN youth has not long to stay
Love is a long term investment the best you will find any day

Love like the rising sun takes all the darkness away
Our children will tell their children and their childrens children will say
Give love to the children they are our crock of gold
and if perchance they ever stray they will come back to the fold

Give love to the children the children of today
Give love to the children and love will come to stay.

Elizabeth Quinn

17 responses

  1. So maar so waar. Saai liefde. Laat dit geil groei.

  2. What would we have done without children? They are so precious!

  3. AAAUWW Dis so mooi ! Die gedig en die foto’s ! XXXX

  4. at least I helped thousands of children to learn how to swim and dive …

  5. Beautiful poem. Teaching is a vocation, not a job, isn’t it. 😉

  6. Lovely and sweet!

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