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if i could wish upon a star
i wish i had a magic car
a magic car to take me places
a magic car to see different faces

34 responses

  1. sad + funny, both!

  2. Kan jy nou jouself voorstel as daai kar kon praat. Baie mooi foto.

  3. Pragtig!🙂

  4. that is one cool car…love this image

  5. MOOI!! Love hierdie tjor! Ek sal ‘n hele storieboek oor haar kan skryf!

  6. Dit is regtig baie, aie mooi!! Ek is mal daaroor!

  7. mara4africatoalgarve

    Gorgeous old car!

  8. Die foto is awesome …😉

  9. Aw a car graveyard!

  10. They do not make cars like this any more! How proud a person would be now to drive one of these🙂

  11. Great little poem. The car is cool, but it’s not gonna get you far😉

  12. Good grief! The things people abandon!
    Wouldn’t it be brilliant to drive around in this car🙂

  13. Nice I love your post Vehicle ,Thanks for sharing🙂

  14. Dis nou wraggies pragtig!

  15. Carol Redelinghuys

    Sjoe, jy raak al hoe ouliker !

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