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Wednesday song title Interpretation: High

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: High


High, high, high!
Stand high!
Above the envy and the insult,
above the petty gossips.
High, high, high!
Stand high, so I can see you!
High, high, high!
Today stand high,
above everything.
High, high, high!
And blue eyed love.
The stars are stars
because they are high.


24 responses

  1. preagtige blog , het die hele een nou sopas deurgelees , ek het gewens daar is nog xx

  2. Wow! Baie mooi en die foto is awesome!

  3. Very beautiful words and photograph.


  4. Pragtige foto!

  5. Wow, very nice!! Lovely pic!

  6. Stunning and I love the photo! Yours? 🙂

  7. Are those eyes your eyes?…

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  9. This is really original interpretation! Thanks for joining! 🙂

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